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Punarnva/पुनर्नवा जड़ी


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In classical Ayurveda, Punarnava has
been used to support healthy heart, lung, and kidney function
and reduce edema, or “ama” in the form of excess fluids. This herb is believed
to be hepato-protective, meaning that it supports healthy liver function by
protecting the organ from toxins.

Benefits of Punarnava 

The various formulations of
Punarnava showed diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The decoction of Punarnava root
is used as an analgesic, used to treat coughs, depressants for CNS, laxative,
and in inducing abortion. 

Punarnava has been very useful
in treating the patients suffering from nephrotic syndrome; the mechanism
involved shows the increased serum protein level, followed by a reduction in
urinary protein extraction. 

The leaves of Punarnava have
been used in vegetable preparations, which tends to show a reduction in

No doubt about the Punarnava,
which is majorly known for its anti-endemic property, but it also has a
potential cardioprotective action due to which it protects the damage of the

Punarnava is nephroprotective;
it improves kidney function by reducing the urea and creatinine levels in the
blood. In addition to this, due to its lithotriptic action, it further helps to
reduce kidney stone problems. 

Punarnava reduces bilirubin
level to prevent jaundice. 

Punarnava is beneficial in
maintaining blood sugar levels. The mechanism involves reducing the starch
breakdown into glucose and thereby preventing the reduction of blood

The bioactive compounds present
in the extracts of Punarnava help prevent body weight gain and it helps reduce
the cholesterol level in the blood. 

Due to a mild laxative property
of Punarnava is a mild laxative; it helps in flushing out toxins from the body
without the loss of essential nutrients and minerals. 

The administration of Punarnava
powder helps in electrolytic balancing of ions in the plasma, which controls
the movement of water between cells and their surroundings.

Uses of Punarnava 

Punarnava should be used along
with Sunthi to get a better anti-inflammatory effect.

Punarnava is useful in

Due to the multifunctional
properties of Punarnava is useful in heart disease and anemia.

The juice extracted from
Punarnava leaf is used in the eyes through topical application.

Punarnava roots rubbed in honey
are regionally carried out for cataract, continual conjunctivitis, blepharitis.

When the Punarnava root juice
is placed into eyes which gives relive in eye illnesses like night blindness
and conjunctivitis. 

Punarnava is beneficial in
decreasing swelling and foul-smelling in pores and skin disorders.

Paste crafted from Punarnava
roots is implemented at the injured wounds because it allows drying up the
oozing out of that wound.

Punarnava is applied in enemas;
it works as a purgative and treats flatulence. It works as a moderate laxative,
and it complements the urge for food; for this reason, may be given in diverse
gastric issues inclusive of constipation, that is a maximum, not unusual place
hassle confronted through humans these days.

It is used for diverse
functions as in diverse panchakarma strategies like Swedan (fomentation) where
Punarnava roots particularly and Punarnava plant as an entire is used to
relieve ache and swelling. 

Therapeutic uses: 

Herb is used as a



Prescribed in the treatment of

Effective in loss of digestive

Enlargement of spleen 

Used for relieving abdominal


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